The  Pilot Seat
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This is a versatile seat that has many uses, but was
made for those who love to fly Line and RC planes.
Have you had to stop your flying due to health reasons ?
This could help bring that joy back again.
Use the link to see more pictures of it in use, and how
you can have your own.   "The Pilot Seat".
Link to the web
page of The Pilot
We aided in the building of this seat for those who love to fly.
It was built with Quality, Versatility, Durability,  and Easy of
operation as goals.  It can be put in to a trunk of a car,  yet
rolled to the field of action in minutes.   It works so well that
you will be able to focus on your flying and not on the chair.  
After that you will be thinking, 'why didn't  I get this sooner'.

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Ideas in Iron, we work hard so your experience with
all that we do is always with a  "WOW I love it".