Our Sliding Security
Door is protected
under Patent
Pending laws.  
In 2007, home burglaries jumped 26% in one local city.  The  average loss was  over $6,000.

Each week there are 100+ new burglaries reported.  With a shortage and
cut backs of police and detectives, the problem could get worse.

No one wants to feel violated by a stranger who has been in their home,
touching their clothes,  their bed,  and their personal lives

Safe is how you should feel inside your home !
Double Security Door unit .

One door stays locked.   
It does not slide just like
your glass patio door.

The main door slides back and forth
just like the glass door.
Built strong but easy to use.

It comes with bug screening that is
perforated steel.  Giving you protection
from bugs and burglars.

Now you can lock it and enjoy the cool
evening air and feel safe.

Designed to prevent lift out, and
has an oversize hook lock.
Built strong yet easy one finger opening

Safety, reliability, and quality are built in
to our Sliding Security Doors.
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Patio Security ?

how do you secure your sliding patio door ?

Wood pole,  Small pin lock

Now do you feel secure with that ?

The Solution is a
Sliding Patio Security Door.
Patent pending
Our work is copyright protected.
How safe is your patio door ?

Would it keep him out ?
Our Sliding Security Door ( Pat. Pending )  is built to protect your loved ones.

We have designed it to bring peace of mind back home.

Our Sliding Security Door  is made of strong steel with quality built in by hand.
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