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Our motto is to put ideas in to metal.  Take a close look at some of our
drawings,  you will find some twists that are not found else where.  
Here are some of our ideas,  if you see something you like, please call us.
We will be adding to this from time to time, so please come back and see
Our work is copy right protected.
Click on a picture to enlarge, use arrow back key to return.
Ideas for window
covering, not for
security.  Just art,
yet with different
kind of twist.
Ocean gate with sea lions.
An under water design, with
sea weed and fish.
Has been installed in  
Pebble Beach
, see Pix on
Creations pg 3.
SC gate showing art  before
Art work of cat tails with roots on the
bottom.   And auto-closing
Security entrance  with
gate and rose vines
and roots
A finished product, see
on Our Creations pages
This is a finished
product now.  Look in
the page Patio
Security Doors
Here is 4 drawing, see if the idea is
going right direction for you.
Please remember  that these are guide
lines and not exact.  Can ad more
birds than 3
S. C.
Ideas for Art work  on a sliding security
patio door.
The locations and number of bars may
be off a little.
It will have a handle and key lock only,
keyed inside and out.
Call me with your input.