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Our motto is to put ideas in to metal.  Take a close look at some of our metal
designs,  you will find some twists that are not found else where.  
Here are some of our works,  if you see something you like, please call us.  
We will be adding to this from time to time, so please come back and see us
Our work is copy right protected.
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Grape vines with roots
Front entry to house with rose
vines growing on the walls and
over the top
Gates with horse heads installed, &  
one before installed.  Polished and
clear coated to prevent rust
Rose vines on a gate
day and night pix.
Grape vines on auto
closing gate.
Rose vine gate with roots
and Auto closing
These are outside and inside of the
same ornamental doors.  These are
removable glass coverings
Electric Opening Gates,
16ft. wide  Remote control, key
pad and works with power outage
Gate using old metal art
work from S.F., Calif.
Arched gate with screening
Electric gate powered by the
sun.  These gates swing up hill
 (The car, dreams are made of.)
Arched gate for drive way
Patio hand rails using
grape leafs as toppers
Side yard
and on top
roses and
letter J.  Also
 Close up of
Ideas In Iron
Palms on a Sliding Security Door