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Our motto is to put ideas in to metal.  Take a close look at some of our metal
designs,  you will find some twists that are not found else where.  
Here are some of our works,  if you see something you like, please call us.  
We will be adding to this from time to time, so please come back and see us
Our work is copy right protected.
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Hand rails for a
very sweet lady
Balcony hand rails
and stairs case
New installed and added a new look to the
front of the house.  They show that more can
be done with less and a good idea.
Small hand gates on front porch
and other hand rails with
curled ends
Jeweler's store window guards.  Ivy vines hold up the art work of diamonds, a
diamond ring and a name.  From the out side the main art is what is seen, the
vines become unseen due to lighting.  The ring is about 30" tall.  The goal was
to protect, yet not detract from the store front.  Allow customers to see in and
not give the bared in look.  The main art can be seen from over 30 ft. away.
Window guards with Opening
blocks for emergency exit
Back patio area with security  all
the way around
Ideas In Iron