Art and Unique items
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Our motto is to put ideas in to metal.  Take a close look at some of our metal
designs,  you will find some twists that are not found else where.  
Here are some of our works,  if you see something you like, please call us.  
We will be adding to this from time to time, so please come back and see us
Our work is copy right protected.
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Sun Flower
Stands for mail box
Wall art, one pix
installed  and other
before installation
Bell stand, 72" tall
Branding Iron
Wind vain chicken
chasing a worm
Art work designed by customer
and built to their idea
This is a lighting rod before
painting and after installed
Art  made for a customer that has
arches over doors in their home.  All
the same style but different sized.
Wall mount pot holder
Trellis using real basket weave and front art
work, This is part of the 120 ft. project
Art work, and wall hangings by BJ.
can be used on the wall or as a
small gate
Gazebo for the back yard.  Legs are about 8ft tall and 8ft from leg to leg.  Over all
about 12ft tall and wide.  With grape vines growing up the legs, across the sides
and out the top.  Next we added the swings.