About Us
About Us and Our Business

Our names are Michael and Betty Jo

We are based in Oakdale, Calif. US.   If you have never been  
here or heard of it.  Oakdale is a small town with a BIG  
cowboy heart.  It is a town that is growing, but in ways that are
in control.  We love the area, the less rush - rush thinking.   
People have a kindness that is getting harder to find now days.

Both of us come from Monterey bay area.  Michael went to  
Carmel High and Betty Jo went to Pacific Grove High.  The  
beauty and art of the area stayed with us and we try to bring
that out in our work.  Monterey is different,  a one of a kind  
place,  And it must be seen in person and experienced.  Our  
roots go deep in the area, and what we learned there is dear  
to us.  One thing Michael learned, is not only think out side the
box, but also to reach out side it to.  Through our work we try to
help others  do the same. That has been a goal with our work.   
Our business is small, husband and wife team with our son  
and son-in-law  working around here at times.  Keeping it  
small we cater to our customers in a big way.  So in that way,
we deliver quality that we are proud of, and our customers
give us the biggest  complement there is,  "
Wow ".

Our Company is only about 6 years old,  but Michael has
played with metal since High School.  We started the business
to do something we love, to bring out the beauty in metal and
create items that stand out and say

When the item says,
then we have  reached our goal.

If you like our work or think we are reaching our goal, let   
us know, love to hear from YOU !

Michael and Betty Jo
Ideas In Iron