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Welcome to our home on
the Web.  We invite you
come in and view our work.

To introduce ourselves, we
are Michael and Betty Jo

We are a one on one,
kind of company.  

Our goals are to put ideas
into metal.
mass-produced items with a very similar look to those made in the traditional
way, and of course at a much cheaper price." From Idea Ironworks.

When you are looking  for real ornamental iron work, you will always find it
comes from a shop.  Never from industries.  Real ornamental iron is hand
crafted and is a one of a kind.   No matter how good the artisans are, and
there some very good ones around, no two pieces are  identical.  There is
always some difference.  Industries strive to give you the same identical item
over and over.

We are offering you those one of a kind items,  and as our logo shows, made
by hand.  Modern tools have given us the ability to create many unique        
items.  But any tool is only as good as the hand that guides it.
You will find hand made gates, tables, wrought iron cake stands and carriage  
cake stands.  Our carriage cake stands are for rent and can turn many events,
into Cinderella or princess weddings, and for that western or country sweet
heart we have a style for you.

We trust you will enjoy what you see, and can't wait to turn your ideas in to iron.

Our work is copyright protected.