Gates and Doors
Rose gate  we us as a
demo showing our work
and that you do not need
bars to have a gate.  Also
the wild bull that shows
the wild side of our demo
trailer. You can take note
of the hat and solid steel
twisted rope.
Security door ready
for shipping for San
Side gate with grapes,
leaf and scrolls.  Also
the letter "C"
Grape vine gate to side yard,
Special painting done to go with
house and bring out the art.
Drive way gate that is electric with  
safety pads in the center.  Both
swing up hill 6 to 9" and each is  
about 10' long
Dragon fly and Snail Drive way gate
There is 2 snails, can you find the 2nd
?About 15ft long and with motor.
RV gates with free flowing curls
Gate with side panel,
scroll work with screen
and auto closing
Front door scroll gate.  Same gate
different lighting.  Painted coal brown
with gold and copper over spray
Flowing scroll art work
gate about 40" wide
Grape vine gate,  solid
with vines growing
through to back side
RV gate with grape vines
on both sides.
Front entry area, gate and
fence grapes and vines
Ivy gate with birds in the ivy
Roots on the bottom
Solid back RV gates, one is
about 10' long.
Ideas  in  Iron
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