Welcome to our page dealing cake stands.
This will be growing in what we will be offering.  
We can build a stand to meet your needs.
Different styles, Cinderella, Princess, Country, Western, Scroll, Vines, Sleigh.
Sale items are plus shipping.
Below are some pictures of our starting items for sale.

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Large Cinderella carriage for cake or gifts

Sale price $399.00 close out/ one left,  with toppers
and wheels below

Carriage Size =   High   56"    Wide   63"     Deep  25"
Platter size        26" wide  and 21" deep
This come apart for shipping
Our table top flower holder carriages
One with a flower and the other with
out. Ready to hold candles or flowers
4" high    6" deep    15.5" wide     
6" platter
Sale $29.95 each
Sleigh Cake Stand
Sale price $399.95
Size ~ 12" x 32" x 18"
Platter is 17" x 17"  Can be done
in Black, White and Silver
Branch or the Vine stand
Sale price $299.95
Can  hold a 14" X 22" cake.
Size is  H 6" x W 28" x D 16
Example of one single round for a
customer, made for different highs
and different sizes of cakes.
Sale item only, starting at $100.
French Elegance style
Sale price $399.95
Can be dressed up for many different
types of events
Same size as the Sleigh Cake stand
Scroll style
Sale Price $299.95
This can fit in to any line of thinking and

Can  hold a 14" X 22" cake.
Size is  H 6" x W 28" x D 16

      We are NOT taking orders at this time.

SMALL Cinderella, Princess Carriage

Comes as you see painted White,
( less cake, plate and decorations
.  Must use a cake plate on the platform, shown with a 17"

Sale price for $499.00

Carriage Size = High 34"   Wide  43"  Deep  18"
This come apart for shipping
Whimsical cake stand
18" round cake stand made as
to customer's design and
shipped to Miss.
This is our twisted iron stand.  
Made for a fountain, (as seen) on
the bottom and the cake on top.  
Made for an 18" cake plate and is
about 14" high
Sale 295.95
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and extras
Six cake Cinderella carriage for cake

Sale price $649.95

These sizes will change to your needs
Carriage Size =   High   42"    Wide   55"     Deep  25"
Cake sizes       Inside 18" ring  (1 cake )
                  Side cakes  10" rings ( 4 cakes )
                  Top cake      6" ring    ( 1 cake )
This come apart for shipping